Pyare Mian, the main accused of the Child Sachs Rect of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, has been arrested. Dear Mian has been caught from Jammu Kashmir. The Srinagar police caught dear Mian. At the same time, the Bhopal Police team has reached Srinagar for legal action in the case.

Rape Accused Pyare Miyan Srinagar Police Detained Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

Pyare Mian, accused of raping the girl child, has been arrested from Jammu and Kashmir. Dear Mian was absconding and a reward of 30 thousand rupees was also placed on him. The police had received information about absconding Pyare Mian alias Abba in Srinagar. On the basis of this information, absconding accused Pyare Mian was arrested in collaboration with Srinagar Police.

In this case, the Bhopal Police team has reached Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Where along with the duly arrest of Pyare Mian, other legal action is being taken. Earlier, the administration fired a bulldozer at Pyare Mian’s marriage hall and his property was demolished.

Let us know that a case of sexual exploitation of minor girls came under the guise of running a newspaper in Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh. In this case, journalist Pyare Mian accused the minor girls of sexual exploitation. Pyare Mian escaped after this case came to light.

However, now dear Mian has been arrested. Apart from this, the police has arrested four more accused in this case so far. Among them, the secretary of Pyare Mian, the driver, one of his associates and the grandmother of one of the victim is arrested.

A case has been registered against Pyare Mian under different sections of rape and Poxo law. Apart from Pyare Mian, in this case, his 21-year-old secretary is also named. The secretary is accused of trapping girls. In this case so far 7 minor girls have accused Rape against Pyare Mian.

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