The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has demanded from the Election Commission that if Bihar assembly elections are to be held during the Covid-19 epidemic, then ballot paper should be used in lieu of EVMs.

RJD National General Secretary Abdul Bari Siddiqui has suggested in a letter to the Election Commission on July 30 that ballot paper should be used if assembly elections are held during the epidemic in Bihar. Because according to research, it has been found that corona viruses remain active on plastic and metal for many days.

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RJD spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari said, “If Bihar Assembly elections are not to be held during the Covid-19 pandemic, then elections should not be virtual and digital but actual ie elections should be held in a traditional way where ballot paper is used.”

Election Commission asked for opinion

Please tell that the Election Commission had asked all the political parties of Bihar for their opinion regarding the assembly elections during the epidemic. Regarding this, Abdul Bari Siddiqui on behalf of the RJD has asked the Election Commission that if elections are to be held in an epidemic, ballot paper should be used instead of EVM to reduce the risk of infection during voting.

Appeal to ban virtual campaigning

The RJD has also appealed to the Election Commission to ban virtual campaigning by political parties. RJD has said that only those political parties who have the resources will get the benefit of virtual rally. But for small political parties who lack resources, it will be impossible for them to propagate.

In a letter to the Election Commission, RJD has also said to postpone the state assembly elections citing the worsening situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Bihar.

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Let me tell you, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has been advocating for the last several days that the Bihar Legislative Assembly elections should be postponed during the Covid-19 epidemic because he does not want the situation that the voter can leave the polling booth and go straight to the crematorium Go

The BJP has rejected the logic of conducting the election through RJD’s ballot paper, saying that it was an old model. BJP spokesman Nikhil Anand said that RJD wants to take the country back to the three-decade-old model again.

“RJD is the party of the old model. It has become a thing of the past to conduct elections with ballot paper. Elections have been going on through EVMs for the last two-three decades, but wonder if RJD wants to go to the three-decade old model. The Election Commission is considering how to conduct elections safely during the epidemic.

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