Sawan 2020: The month of Sawan has begun, the bomb blasts echoing among the Shiva devotees. The difference between each time is that masks are tied on the mouths of pandits to Shiva devotees. They are also necessary in this crisis of Corona. In this month of Sawan, let us have some things related to Shiva worship, some stories. These are the stories of Shiva Management. Shiva has been called the God of Gods, in this way, how are the decisions of Shivji giving us learning in our professional life, only he knows in these stories.

Sawan 2020: Shiva Management Two Stories Shiva Mantra of Team Leadership

Bundle of money once upon a time. A husband was a wife. Was an ardent devotee of Shiva. Used to remember Shiva ji in the morning and evening. Never do anything bad. But even after being loved by Shiva, he was poor. Parvati ji once said to Shiva, he does so much devotion to you, why don’t he remove his poverty. Shiva wanted to explain that this is the result of all actions. Devotion is your place, karma is a different place. Karma will be for earning money, only then poverty will be overcome, poverty cannot be overcome by just sitting and doing devotion. But Maa Parvati did not believe, she insisted, do something for this devout couple. At the behest of Parvati ji, Lord Shiva put a bundle full of gold ashramis in the path from where these poor husband and wife were going. Somewhere away from the bundle, the husband said to his wife, dear, how much Lord Shiva’s favor is that we have given us a safe body. What better and better gift than being healthy. The wife asked – did not understand one thing, How would these blind people live? Husband also said- Yes, it will be very difficult. Wife said – Let us go like blinds, see how they live their lives. Both husband and wife closed their eyes and started holding the hand of a couple. A bundle of gold ashfaris was lying on the way and husband wife Shiva passed by the side while chanting.

Education– Where do you get anything without luck?

Shiva Management – Even if you are present in professional life, you can have a bundle full of gold asphyxies, only when your attention and dedication eyes are open.

Circling the earth

You all have heard the story in which Shiva tells Parvati sons Ganesh and Karthikeya to revolve around the earth. We will not tell you that story again, just try to show Shiva management hidden in its essence. When Kartikeya was traveling around the whole earth, Lord Ganesha revolved around his parents and was also the winner in that competition because for a son the parents are the same as the earth, the universe and the entire universe.

Education– Parents are paramount in life.

Shiva Management – Instead of long process work, smart work is better. Shiva-Parvati was the judge of that competition. He liked Smart Technology. The same should be understood in our everyday professional life. It is important to put forward those who deliver the output in a pinch of smart thinking instead of team members who work long hours.

According to Hindu calendar, the fifth month of the year is in the month of Sawan. Rudraabhisheka of Lord Shi takes place in this month. Bhole Shankar is specially worshiped this month. It is said that this month one gets all desired fruits by pleasing Bhole Shankar. See the fasts and festivals of Sawan here:

  • Ganesh Chaturthi fast – 8 July
  • Kamika Ekadashi – 16 July
  • Hariyali Amavasya – 20 July
  • Hariyali Teej – 23 July Vinayaki
  • Chaturthi Vrat – 24 July
  • Nag Panchami – 25 July
  • Putrada Ekadashi – 30 July
  • Raksha Bandhan – 3 August
  • Sawan 1st Monday- 6th July
  • Sawan 2nd Monday- 13th July
  • Sawan 3rd Monday- 20th July
  • Sawan Fourth
  • Monday- 27th July Sawan Fifth Monday- 3rd August

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