Punjab and Haryana High Court has refused Chandigarh administration to stay the orders related to school fees for the lockdown period. After this, now private schools will no longer be able to demand any fee except tuition fees.

Schools will charge only tuition fees the High Court agrees with the order of administration

Chandigarh administration, while issuing the order, stopped schools without the consent of the administration to amend school fees and levy fees on services like bus fare, development fees. The High Court gave this order while hearing the petition of the Association of Private Schools.

The Independent School Association (ISA) had filed a petition in the High Court challenging the orders of Chandigarh administration. The union, challenging the administration’s orders, had informed the court that there were 78 primary school members who were facing losses along with the closure of the school and were barred from charging full school fees.

Chandigarh administration, while filing its reply before the court, said that the schools were barred from revising the fees and were allowed to collect tuition fees only to provide this relief to parents for the lockdown period.

Chandigarh administration also told the court that the government schools run in the union territory have already waived their school fees. It is noteworthy here that private schools have also failed to prove that they are facing losses. The ISA also told the court that 41 out of the total 78 members of the school have already implemented the administration’s orders.

High Court has deferred the next hearing of the case till July 3 as the petitioner has sought time to file a reply.

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