‘Mummy ji, brother-in-law are out on the phone … I have to reach home soon … You should tell them that I have gone by telling you.’ Chander said hanging the key of the car on the board. ‘Where are you going, you are in a hurry. Sit down for a while, make tea for you. He kept the laptop bag and some files brought from the office on the sofa and said, ‘No mother, let me have tea. I have to reach home soon, Amma got a call twice on the way. That Geeta has started hurting, she may have to be taken to the hospital. It is necessary to reach my house. I am worried.’ ‘Okay son, you go fast, I will speak to Abhinav … and yes! If any problem comes, please call the brother or me. Don’t forget to give good news, whatever it may be! ‘ He followed Chander till he came out of the room.

Mummy ji’s words ‘whatever may be’ had added a new energy to her. That is why he went back towards the house, firing his arrows like an arrow from the command. As soon as he reached home, Amma called. The sounds of Geeta’s moan were heard from within. ‘Babua has arrived.’ Amma encouraged Chander as soon as he came to the verandah, ‘Everything will be alright in a while. The midwife and aunt are inside. ‘ Handing a glass of water, she said, ‘At such a time it is necessary for a man to stay at home, so he has called you.’ Drinking water, he was looking at Amma carrying hot water in the room. Mind was also praying to God that there is no need to take him to the hospital. Even brotherhood could not ask for some help. She would have given it to her mother, but she had to hurry to reach home.

He was thinking that there was a sound of a car stopping outside. Hearing the horn, he looked outside, Mummy ji was getting off the car. ‘How is Gita now? If you want to go to the hospital, there is a car, Abhinav will take it, sitting outside. dont worry. And keep it, work will come, ‘Momma said as she placed an envelope in the hands of Chander. Her confidence was boosted by the arrival of the owner. Even then, he just kept saying, ‘Why did you hurt my brother, mother!’ Then looking at the envelope, he said, ‘What was the need!’ ‘You have been with us for ten-twelve years, you have become a member of the household. Our participation in your happiness and sorrow is always there. I have a negative, keep it. ‘ He was looking forward to hearing the cry of the baby cry from inside and a smile ran over the anxious faces. Both were waiting for the good news to come, But Amma’s dark face coming out created doubts in her heart. ‘What happened Amma! Is Geeta alright?

Before Amma could say anything, Abhinav’s mother said, ‘Nothing happened to Chandar, the girl has become Geeta. Why is my guess correct? I understood by reading your face only. Then sitting near Amma, placing her hand on her shoulder, said, ‘Celebrate Amma ji, you have become a grandmother. Chander gave you a pleasant opportunity to become a grandmother only in the second year of marriage. Look here, even after five years of marriage, the son-daughter-in-law does not care about it. I say whatever you are, boy or girl, if you are on time, the house will keep the colors alive. Children are able to reduce facial wrinkles in the aging age. It is easy to cut old age by laughing at children. ‘ While saying this, she went to the room herself. ‘How are you daughter?’ He turned his hand on Geeta’s forehead and came out with the mother-child abuses.


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