The raid of Income Tax (IT) officers in many share holders of Phantom Films is also continuing for the third day. Those working at Cowan Talent Management Company are being questioned. Late night Jaya Saha, former manager of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, was summoned. The Shiv Sena has targeted the central government for this action. He wrote in an editorial in his mouthpiece Saamana, “Tapasi and Anurag raise their voices against the central government and its policies, so it is happening to them.”

The case of tax evasion of Rs 370 crores came to light,
Central Board of Direct Taxes i.e. CBDT said on Thursday that a total of Rs 370 crores tax evasion case has come to light. This tax evasion is caused by under-valuation of share transactions by showing tax and bogus expenses. The Income Tax Department raided a total of 28 locations in Mumbai, Pune and some other cities from 8 am on Wednesday.

Investigations on transactions between Kwan and Phantom Films
Income tax officials are checking the agreements / contracts between Kwan and the celebrities. The income tax department is also eyeing how much commission Kwan has earned in these contracts. This amount will be matched to the account book of Phantom Films and it will be ascertained whether the information given by Phantom to the film stars is correct or not.

4 big revelations in income tax raids, CBDT did not name any person or company

According to CBDT, it has been learned that a leading production house showed less earnings than its actual box office income. This disturbance is about 300 million. The production house could not calculate it.
A production house undervalued the shares in share transactions. There was also a disturbance in the transaction. This entire case is about 350 crore rupees of tax evasion. It is being investigated further.
During the raids at the locations of an actress, cash transactions of 5 crores were received. It is being verified.
During the raids at the Leading Producer-Director’s bases, evidence of fake expenses was found. During this time a case of tax evasion of 20 crores has come to light. Similar evidence has also been found against the actress, which is being investigated.
Recovery of Taapsee’s deleted data started
IT officials suspect that the data has been deleted from the phone of Actress Taapsee Pannu. According to sources – Mobile data of several share holders including Director Anurag Kashyap was deleted. The officials are recovering it with the help of experts. Sources are also stating that Taapsee’s statements may be recorded in a few days. The investigation agency has seized 3 laptops and 4 computers from the houses and offices of Anurag and Tapsi. Both their WhatsApp chats have also been backed up.

It is written in the face

‘The political picture of the country is getting clearer, is it getting more messed up or getting tangled? Speaking against the central government is not treason, the Supreme Court has given this opinion and at the same time artists and directors of cinema, who speak against the Modi government, have started getting ‘income tax’ raids. Prominent among them are Taapsee Pannu, Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and distributor Madhu Mantena. More than 30 targets were raided in Mumbai-Pune. Taapsee Pannu and Anurag Kashyap keep expressing their views openly.

The question arises because the behavior and work of the Hindi cine world is clean and transparent, exceptions only to Taapsee and Anurag Kashyap. Many great cinematic idols of the cine world adopted a bizarre role in the context of the peasant movement. Not only did he support the farmers, on the contrary, the people who were supporting the farmers from all over the world said that these festival idols said that this is an interference in our country. But few people like Taapsee and Anurag Kashyap stood in favor of the peasant movement. They are paying for it.

These raids have taken place in the context of a transaction carried out in 2011. These people set up a ‘production house’ and this is a matter related to their tax. According to which the income tax has raided, it can be said that there is something wrong. But, why were these people chosen only to conduct raids or to take action? Are the crores of rupees that are flying in your ‘Bollywood’ everyday, did they come from the flow of Ganga water? But when stuck somewhere, there have been dancing and speaking at the behest of the government. Some of them are self-respecting and made of different soil.

It is written about Anurag Kashyap in Saamana, ‘This is what he has to say. Their views may not agree, but they have every right to express their views. When Deepika Padukone went to JNU and met the students there, she was also armed with a hidden movement and boycott. There was an attempt to flop Deepika’s film in a planned manner. A dirty campaign was launched against him on social media. Who are all those who do it or what ideology, leave it. But it is certain that by doing such works, they are not increasing the prestige of the country.


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