A three-year-old innocent child narrowly escaped the terrorist attack in Sopore, Kashmir. Now he is safe and in the lap of mother and father. However, his grandfather died in the attack. During the shootout, the child was sitting weeping near Dada’s corpse. The security forces brought him out after rescuing him. Innocence is age, so feelings like death, weeds and pain are not yet appreciated. He is smiling as he reaches his world. But when bullets were running everywhere, saving this child was very challenging.

Terror Attack In Kashmir: 3 Years Child Rescued By Jawans Amidst Barrage of Terrorists

Imtiaz Hussain, a security force soldier, told that our three soldiers of the security forces were soaked in blood. We had to raise them. Then a civilian also had to raise us. He was also injured. The most disturbing sight for us was when we saw a two-and-three-year-old child roaming around crying there.

At that time there was firing from the front side. The terrorists were firing from the top floors of the mosque. The first challenge before us was to block the view of the terrorists so that the child could be picked up from there. After this, we installed all the cars there.

This was the most challenging for us. The child was going by car with his grandfather. When the firing took place from the front, our three soldiers were injured and the grandfather of the child going in the car was shot. At that time many people left their carts and moved to safe places.

This picture which came during the firing of terrorists is becoming increasingly viral. The Jaawan is also talking to the child in this photo. The innocence of the child’s face and the picture of the Jaawan following him is touching. that a few days ago a CRPF jawan and a 3-year-old child were shot dead by the terrorists. The terrorists involved in this incident in Bijbehara of Waghama had taken revenge by piling up the soldiers yesterday.

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