Although the stir has intensified for the by-election of four assembly seats in the state, but the State Congress Committee does not appear very active. Preparations are being made only by the government and the CM. Whereas on the other hand, the BJP has made complete preparations at the organizational level. Even after the visit of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, State Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara is not looking very serious at the moment.

In fact, two days ago, foot march was organized by the Congress in support of the farmers movement across the state. In the past, Rahul Gandhi’s meetings were not as crowded as expected, and then the dispersed form of party officials and activists in the march taken out in Jaipur appeared to be shattering the organization’s position. Despite being in Jaipur, the state Congress president Dotasara did not arrive this March.

It is being told that Dotasara had realized that despite his fixed schedule, his head could be blown off due to not getting crowded this March. In such a situation, he made a distance from it. However, the reasoning for his not coming is that he is ill. It is a different matter that the next day he reached to address the party workers.

Government’s effort, Congress should win
Rajsamand of the state, Vallabhgarh of Udaipur, Sujangarh in Churu and Sahada of Bhilwara due to the by-elections due to the demise of MLAs. Three of the four seats were vacated by the death of Congress MLAs and one BJP MLA. In such a situation, the Congress faces a double challenge. Congress is a ruling party, in such a situation, if the Congress loses even one seat, it will surely be seen as a seal on the flaw in the functioning of the government. Three out of two-four seats were with the Congress, if even one was lost, it would not only be a loss of strength, but it would be a big blow to the ruling party. Because, if BJP gets one instead of one, then it will be a no profit – no loss situation for it.

Congress organization in Rajasthan, depending on the organization, is currently following CM Ashok Gehlot. The PCC Chief himself meets Gehlot on a matter-of-fact basis and keeps taking all kinds of directions on what to do, what not to do. On Sunday, a time was set for a similar meeting. Whereas, to ensure victory in the by-elections, the Gehlot government has made a series of announcements for the four assembly constituencies. CM Gehlot announced 178 schemes worth 158 crores for them. Earlier, UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal, Health Minister Raghu Sharma also made election promises of crores of rupees for Rajsamand. It is also worth mentioning here that these announcements were made when there was only 5 days left for the budget to come. Dotasara is confident that these announcements of the government are enough to cross the fleet on these four seats.

Target of workers

The reality is that since the formation of the State Congress Committee, most senior and lower-level activists have been unhappy with this style of Dotasara. Such leaders and activists say that no political appointments have been made so far, nor have the district presidents been appointed by the State Congress. The foot march was also entrusted to the outgoing district heads. In such a situation, there was confusion. In the absence of leadership, the march to the capital appeared to be completely scattered. All the MLAs and local leaders appeared in their respective groups. In such a situation, there is disappointment among the leaders and workers about the Congress leadership, but whenever they get an opportunity, they do not miss to target them.

On the contrary, the BJP has not only made a serious strategy for the by-elections and is entrusting the responsibility of the workers of all the organizations of the party, but also appointing the office-bearers of the organizations in charge of all the assembly constituencies of the state Is being given Not only this, the state’s leader and president Satish Poonia himself has been on frequent visits to the districts, while Congress President Dotasara had also reached the meeting districts at the last time for Rahul Gandhi’s visit.


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