After the death of the gang-rape victim in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, the police and administration cremated him without informing the family. Now the same story is repeated in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Following the death of the victim in the Pyare Mian sexual abuse case here, the police were preparing to secretly conduct her last rites on Thursday. The police also reached the crematorium with the body of the victim. But at the last moment, the police took the family to the crematorium after seeing the fierce opposition from the family members. Here, DIG Irshad Wali of Bhopal claimed that the last rites were done with the consent of the family.

Pyare Mian, a victim of a sexual abuse case, had been living in a girl child for the last six months. He died of an overdose of sleeping pills. The victim’s mother says, ‘My daughter left. What will happen with the investigation now? Who needs justice now? We only sought permission to bring the body home for one hour. But, the police and administration did not even give the last chance to see the daughter wholeheartedly.

The victim’s mother said- Forced to sign us, the
victim’s mother alleged, ‘The police told us to take the body home, then sign the postmortem form. We signed and trusted them. Later it is learned that the daughter is going to be cremated. I kept looking for the last time for the daughter to come home. But, the police gave him the pain of a lifetime.

Pyare Mian sexual abuse case: SIT will investigate the death of a minor after eating sleeping pills
The police had said- there could be a riot when the body went home, the
victim’s mother said, ‘My daughter was away for six months without any fault. She was kept in a girl child. No woman in the family was allowed to meet him. When she is no more, she is still deceived. First assured us that the body will come home. After the postmortem, the officer said that the body would go directly to the crematorium. There may be a riot when the body is taken home. ‘

Police took the women to the crematorium and took them to the crematorium.
When the victim’s family present in Hamidia Hospital protested this attitude of the police, the women police reached the victim’s house. The women at home were seated in the police bus. He was taken to the Bhadbhada crematorium, saying he was taken to Hamidia Hospital. When the women objected, the police beat them. The scared women could not resist the police and the mother’s desire to bring the daughter home for the last time was buried in the sobs.

Pyaar Mian sexual abuse case: Mother bid – After seeing the face of the daughter at night, she understood that she was no more; The police kept on rolling us
Bhaskar’s direct talk to Bhopal’s DIG Irshad Wali ..

Question- The family alleges that the body was not allowed to be brought home, the police forcefully took it to the crematorium.
Answer : Whatever decision was taken, everyone was taken with consent. Families, administrative officers and public representatives were all present there. A law and order situation was created in an incident in May at the same location. Therefore, this step was taken with the consent of public representatives and family. The last rites of the child have been done. Now reports are awaited. Further action will be taken only with the consent of the family.

Question: What is the status of investigation and proceedings in this case?
Answer: Post-mortem report has come. FSL report is awaited. After the FSL report, a conclusion can be reached only after the completion of the magisterial inquiry.

Question: What is the status of the other girls in the girl child house?
Answer: Two girls were ill there, but that was due to another reason. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Question: Can the girl’s death be suspected?
Answer: Can’t say anything without investigation. The investigation is currently underway. Do not do hypothetical things. You can say something at the fact itself.

Question: Was Pyar Mian a victim’s testimony in the sexual abuse case?
Answer: The statement of the victim was under 164. Further statements were to be made in the court process.


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