It took 38 years for the accused of adulteration of turmeric powder to prove themselves innocent. Now the Supreme Court has upheld the lower court’s decision. The Supreme Court has also overturned the decision of the High Court, acquitting him.

He would have been sentenced to a maximum of six months imprisonment if proved to be an adulteration charge, but it would have taken 38 years for the acquittal in the courts. Now you can only say that the end is good.

The story of the court screw in Prem Chandra’s life began on 18 August 1982. On that day, Prem Chandra of Haryana sold 100 grams of turmeric powder at 11 am. He did not know that the customer is the head of the food department. 100 grams of turmeric was investigated and 10 kg of turmeric powder was seized from Prem Chandra’s shop. The charge was that insects were found in turmeric.

This trial lasted for 14 years in the lower court. Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after spending the same number of years in the forest, but returned in 1998 with the news of Prem Chandra’s acquittal of Ram. After this, the government went to the Punjab-Haryana High Court.

Sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and fine of 2 thousand rupees

The High Court ruled that on December 9, 2009, after 11 years, Prem Chandra Turmeric was guilty of adulteration. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined two thousand rupees. After this Prem Chandra approached the Supreme Court.

He said in his plea that after taking the sample, a sample of turmeric was sent to the laboratory. The department could not prove that the sample was not tampered with. The Public Analyst also did not mention in its report that turmeric is not safe for humans to use. Even during the cross-examination in the court, they could not tell clearly whether there were any insects found in turmeric or not.

Immaculate decision …

The Supreme Court also took nearly 9 and a half years to pronounce the verdict. Yes, the decision taken in old age after passing Prem Chandra through his youth courts, now the only comfort will be that the world will not taunt his children by speaking of a family of turmeric selling adulterated. However, whatever the decision, it has made them impeccable.

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