Inputs have been received regarding the threat of terrorist attack on 15 August in the national capital Delhi. In view of this, Delhi Police Commissioner has issued security related guidelines. Under this, there will be strict prohibition on flying drones in Delhi from 31 July i.e. from today to 15 August.

The Delhi Guidelines issued guidelines stated that along with the drones, para gliders, microlight aircraft will be banned. Breaking the rules will be considered a violation of section 144 in Delhi. All the District DCP and the rest of the unit of Delhi Police have been instructed, and it is said that no air article or drone should be flown in their district till 15 August.

All police units have been asked to be vigilant about the terrorist threat. According to the police order, it has been reported that some criminal, anti-social elements or terrorists are incompatible to India, using aerial platforms such as para-gliders, para-motors and pose a threat to the security of the general public, dignitaries and important installations Can.

Inputs include hang-gliders, UAVs, UAS, microlight aircraft, remote-operated aircraft, hot air balloon, small-sized powered aircraft, quadcopters or even para-jumping from aircraft, etc. can go. Hence the Commissioner of Delhi Police S.N. Srivastava has issued strict prohibition orders on flying drones.

The order of Delhi Police states that flying a drone in Delhi on the occasion of Independence Day Celebration 2020 in the national capital Delhi will be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

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