Corona Positive

The risk of corona virus is increasing continuously in the country. Newly infected patients of the corona virus are getting confirmed every day. Meanwhile, in the Ballia District Jail of Uttar Pradesh, more than 200 prisoners were found positive due to corona virus.

In the first 48 hours in Ballia District Jail, 160 prisoners were found Corona Positive. However, after this and the corona testing of prisoners, the number has increased to 227. In addition to finding 227 Corona positive prisoners in Ballia District Jail, a staff has also confirmed corona virus infection.

Actually, 16 people were found infected with corona virus in random checking here. After this, in view of the increasing numbers, the district administration got every prisoners tested. In which a total of 227 prisoners and one staff have been found corona positive so far. A total of 817 antigen tests have been conducted in the jail so far.

After this, three barracks have been made isolation wards in the jail. In which Corona positive prisoners are kept. Hot water, decoction and medicines are being given to prisoners found positive through Health Department. The total number of prisoners in Ballia District Prison is more than 800.

Corona infection also in Jhansi district jail

Apart from this, inmates in Jhansi district jail have also been found positive with corona virus. So far, Corona virus infection has been found in 207 prisoners in Jhansi District Jail. Apart from this, three staff have also been found to be corona infected. A total of 1109 antigen tests have been done here so far.

How many patients in the country?

Let us know that the cases of corona virus are constantly increasing in the country. Now the number of corona virus patients in the country has crossed 13 lakh. At the same time, in Uttar Pradesh, more than 58 thousand people have been found positive with the corona virus. At the same time, more than 35 thousand people have been cured.

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