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The case related to the recruitment of 69000 teachers in Uttar Pradesh was heard in the Supreme Court. In the latest hearing, Shikamitra’s lawyer Rajiv Dhawan said that any amendment made for the examination is directly against the order of the Supreme Court.

Justice U. in this case U. The bench of Lalit, Justice M. M. Shantanagoudar and Justice Vineet Saran is hearing. During the hearing, Rajiv Dhawan says that the amendment made against the examination is against the order of the Supreme Court. It is clearly written in paragraph 33 that if a candidate has passed the test, he will be given weightage.

Dhawan said that in the 28th Amendment it was said that VATage of 25 points will be given. At the same time, Rajiv Dhawan said that if the cutoff is increased then the Supreme Court’s order giving weightage to Shiksha Mitras will not be applicable. At the same time, the Supreme Court said that the teachers who have been served for 10 years should get 25 marks.

Rakesh Dwivedi, counsel for Shikshamitras, also presented his favor during the hearing. Rakesh Dwivedi said that this time there was no cutoff, so Shikshamitras prepared the same as last time.

On behalf of the Uttar Pradesh government, ASG Aishwarya Bhati said that Shikamitra is being kept only as an assistant to assistant teachers. Shikshamitra is not working like assistant teacher in the state today. He is appointed only on contract.

Natural increase in cutoff after increase

Aishwarya Bhati said that the number of 394000 total candidates in the state is 40.45% which is 96.2% of the total figures. It is natural for the cutoff to increase after the increase in the number of candidates. At the same time, Judge Lalit asked if all the 40 thousand Shikshamitra who crossed the 40/45 cutoff will be selected and other candidates for the remaining 29 thousand posts?

On this, ASG Aishwarya Bhati said that no compromise can be made with merit. Aishwarya Bhati said that we have 50 thousand posts and 10,000 retirees every year. We are willing to give a chance in the next recruitment separately, but there should be no injustice with merit.

69000 teacher recruitment case in Uttar Pradesh has been hanging in the balance for the last two years. Due to this, the dreams of government jobs of thousands of candidates have been eclipsed. Candidates are traveling around the High Court and the Supreme Court but so far no decision has been made.

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