The daughter of a soldier posted in Maharajganj District Prison has illuminated the name of the district. The daughter, who has achieved the sixth place in the high school examination, has raised the value of everyone. There is a wave of happiness among well-wishers, including family. At the same time, happiness was expressed by the school administration.

UP Board Result 2020 Deeksha Pandey of Maharajganj got sixth place in State

Deeksha Pandey, daughter of constable Pankaj Kumar Pandey, posted in the district jail, gets sixth place in the state with 94.50 percent marks in the high school examination. It is originally from Madhavapur village in Deoria district. His sister Sakshi Pandey has also scored 88.3 percent marks in the high school examination. Both are twin sisters.

Proud father Pankaj Pandey was happy with the success of the daughter said that the daughter has been Good in study from the beginning. Study diligently, which has led to success. He told that he has three daughters and a son. The eldest daughter is Shiksha Pandey. In 2019, she came seventh in the district at Inter. The second number is Deeksha Pandey. The third daughter is Sakshi. The son studies at the able Little Flower School.

Deeksha Pandey, who got the sixth position in the state, wants to illuminate the father’s name by becoming a collector. Deeksha, who comes at the sixth rank in the state in high school examination, says that she used to study 8 to 9 hours per day. It is nice to play in free time.

He told that in the same way, to become a collector while doing better studies in future, illuminate the name of father. Prime Minister of initiation is PM Modi. The favorite sport is cricket. He said that there is a need to work hard for success. Suddenly studying more does not bring success.

For this, there is always a need to study regularly at certain times. Mother Pratibha is happy at the daughter’s success. She said that she never understood the difference between son and daughter. Every effort is being made to give them better education. Hopefully the daughter will definitely become a collector one day.

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