Donald Trump has currently extended the suspension of H1B visas as well as L1 and other temporary working visas by the end of this year (H1B visa suspension extention). That is, people with IT, whose H1B visa was approved in April lottery, will also not be allowed to come now. On Trump’s decision, people are appearing against him on social media, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also denied the decision of the Trump administration. He said that America has gained so much because of immigration. Because of this he became the Global Tech Leader, but he is disappointed with this order. So the question is what effect will this announcement have on the people.

US extends suspension of H1B visa what will be its effect on Indians

People with IT whose H1B visas were approved in the April lottery due to Donald Trump’s announcement will also no longer be allowed to come. That is, an announcement has made these people unhappy.

American people will increase employment opportunities

On this announcement of Donald Trump, the US government says that because of temporary ban on these visas, 5.25 lakh jobs will remain vacant in America. This means that this decision of the US government will create jobs temporarily.

Who will not have any effect?

If you are among those who already have a US visa, you need not fear at all. This latest decision by Trump will not affect those who already have a US visa.

What is this H1B Visa Program?

Under this visa, high-skill workers are allowed to work in the United States. Under this visa, companies get the benefit that they can hire foreign people at their jobs. The Indian people get the most benefit from it, due to which the announcement of the trump is impacting the Indians the most. Let us know that about 85000 these visas are given annually by the US, out of which 70 percent are given to Indians only.

Indian companies are not majorly affected in America

While Donald Trump’s suspension of H1B visas has been increased, experts believe this will not have a major impact on Indian companies operating in the US. This is because India’s tech companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and HCL Technologies have hired most of the local people, reducing their dependence on visas over the years.

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