Uttar Pradesh News: First hanged both the children and then the parents gave their lives

In a housing development colony in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, 4 people of the same family committed suicide. The body of four family members was found hanging in the house. The incident has caused sensation in the area. The deceased family lived here in a rented house. It is being told that this family was troubled by financial tightness and family property dispute. Police has started investigation in this matter.

Uttar Pradesh News: First hanged both the children and then the parents gave their lives

According to the police, on Tuesday morning, the milkman came to deliver milk and kept giving voice for a long time. When these people did not answer anything, then the landlord went downstairs and saw the dead bodies hanging from the fan. Then immediately the information was given to the police.

4 family members committed suicide

According to local people, the legs and mouth of the children were tied. It is being speculated that the father killed the children first. Then he hanged his wife and later hanged himself and gave his life. This is the second incident in lockdown, before 5 people of the same family committed suicide by hanging themselves on June 6 in Safedabad, near Nagar Kotwali.

Police engaged in the investigation of the case

Superintendent of Police Arvind Chaturvedi says that the family was from Mau district. After working in Delhi, the deceased Lalit had engaged in a factory partnership to make an LED bulb in the Chinhat of Lucknow. No dispute has been found there, but there was definitely a dispute with brother on family property in Mau Ghosi. It is being feared that this may be the reason for suicide.


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