The temple of Baba Kalabhairav, called Kotwal of Kashi, opened on Friday after 141 days due to Corona virus. The temple has been opened under the guidelines of Kovid-19. But the entry of devotees into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is still prohibited. From now on, the temple will be open daily from Mangla Aarti till 10 pm.

About a month ago it was decided to open the temples. All the temples have started opening according to the guidelines of Corona. In this, the temple of Baba Kashi Vishwanath, one of the two Jyotirlingas, has also been opened for common devotees. But despite this, two other big temples of Varanasi remained closed. It included Kaal Bhairav ​​and Sankatmochan temple.

Now after 141 days after 22 March due to lockdown and corona, the temple of Baba Kalabhairav, called Kotwal of Kashi, was opened to the common devotees. However, devotees are being admitted to the temple only under the Corona guidelines.

Thermal screening of devotees is being done before entering the temple. After the use of sanitizer, devotees are getting entry to the temple. Also, entry into the temple is not allowed without a mask. Apart from this, cleanliness of the temple is also being done 4-5 times. There is no entry of devotees in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. On the question of the temple opening after such a long time, the priest Sunil Dubey said that the temple was kept closed as a precaution to avoid the huge crowd of Sawan during the Corona period.

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