How long will the mother of the goat celebrate or the proverbial saying of the goat is now a thing of the past, because the Corona epidemic has kept the festivals and festivals in their fetters so much that the rituals are being paid only by keeping the formalities is. This time something similar happened on Bakrid, when instead of going to the goat market, people showed up at the bakery shop to buy a cake containing the picture of the goat.

Usually, people get their picture made on birthday cake on the occasion of birthday, which has a birthday or it has a picture that attracts birthday boy or girl. But in Varanasi, people are liking the picture of the goat on the birthday cake or are making it by ordering.

All this is happening due to the Corona crisis and the misery of the people. Mohammad Mumtaz Ansari, one of the youths of the Muslim community, who was working at a bakery shop in the Bhairavnath area of ​​the city, said that the administration is working very hard to overcome the corona disease, that’s why we all thought that we too should support them. Give This is the reason why, on the festival of Bakrid, we buy a cake with a picture of a goat and cut the cake at home.

They say that by adopting this method, the festival of Bakrid can be celebrated with peace and simplicity by staying at home. He further explained that it has become a dream to buy a goat in the Corona era, if food is eaten at this time, it is a very big thing. That is why cakes will be bought and cut to follow the tradition.

So another buyer Mohammed Sonu also said that this time, no special preparations could be made on Bakrid because the situation is going on because of Corona. That is why it was thought to celebrate goat by cutting the cake with the picture of the goat and there is an appeal to everyone to celebrate such a goat. While giving the sacrifice, celebrate the Bakrid by cutting the cake with simplicity at home.

While on one hand the Corona period has brought tightness to the buyers, on the other hand, the bakery has become silver because those who buy the goat from the goat market have now turned to the bakery.

Bakery shopkeeper Prince says that this time on Bakrid, a lot of orders for cakes containing the picture of the goat came to his shop. Apart from this, goat-shaped cake is also in demand. This cake ranges from five hundred rupees to two thousand rupees in different flavors.

He says that the cake orders are so high that work of 10 kg is still pending. Compared to daily, work has increased up to 50 kg per day due to Bakrid.

Prince says that this time goat cakes are being sold more because one is also the order of the government that the festival should be celebrated with simplicity and secondly, people are also seeing a huge shortage of money. He told that despite the market being weak, he got 5 times more orders than daily in the Corona period.

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