Sri Lankan great spinner Muttiah Muralitharan has said that Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin can take 800 wickets in Tests. He said that Ashwin is a great bowler. Muralitharan, however, questioned the ability of Australian spinner Nathan Lyon and said he did not have the ability to touch this milestone.

Ashwin’s brilliant bowler, Lyon, will have to work hard
while speaking to former England captain Michael Vaughan, saying that apart from Ashwin, I do not think any of the current cricket will be able to touch 800 wickets. Leon might not even reach this point. They have reached close to 400 wickets in Tests, but for 800 wickets they still have to work hard and they will have to play a lot of matches.

Leone, who will play the 100th Test of Test career on Friday, will achieve the feat of playing 100 Tests against India starting Friday in Brisbane. The 33-year-old has taken 396 wickets in 99 Tests so far. At the same time, 34-year-old Ashwin has taken 377 wickets in 74 Tests at an average of 25.54.

Leon will be able to take 600-650 wickets in Test career
Former Australian spinner Shane Warne believes that Leon will be able to take 600-650 wickets in his Test career. He said that if Leone remains in injury free, he will be able to play cricket for the next 5 years and will achieve this milestone.

Warne can play 50 more Tests right now , said, “Right now Leon can play 50 more Tests. If he takes 4 wickets in every match, then he will take 200-250 wickets. It will depend on their fitness and performance. Leon can play cricket for 38 years. Even after this, if they remain fit, my and Muralitharan’s records may be in danger.

Muralitharan retired from the Test in 2010, Muralitharan holds the
record for most wickets in Tests. He retired from the Test in 2010. Shane Warne is at number two in this list. He took 708 wickets. He retired in 2006. India’s veteran spinner Anil Kumble is at number three in the list with 619 wickets. He retired in 2008.


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