Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Manoj Sinha has been appointed as the new Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. After the resignation of Girish Chandra Murmu, Manoj Sinha has been entrusted with the important responsibility by the Modi government. He has been the main contender for the post of CM of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, but the crown of power was punished by Yogi. In such a situation, the appointment of Lt. Governor of Manoj Sinha is seen as an exercise to give a political message in the politics of Uttar Pradesh more than Kashmir.

Manoj Sinha, who has traveled from BHU Students Union President to Union Minister, is considered close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. PM Modi and Manoj Sinha have good relations since RSS days. Riding on the Modi wave, the BJP won the political battle for the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Manoj Sinha’s name was among the main contenders for the Chief Minister.

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Preparation for the coronation of Manoj Sinha was completely done. After reaching Kashi, he also started the exercise to pay obeisance to Baba Vishwanath. Meanwhile, political equations in the state became such that Manoj Sinha continued to become CM and Yogi Adityanath became the chief of the throne of power. Manoj Sinha remained a minister at the center, but lost the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Despite this, Manoj Sinha was seen as an alternative to Yogi. It was believed that whenever there is a change of leadership in the state, Manoj Sinha will be crowned as CM.

Senior journalist Himanshu Mishra says that the Brahmin’s resentment in Uttar Pradesh is against the Yogi government, but the BJP has entered electoral mode. In such a situation, by making Manoj Sinha the Lieutenant Governor, it has been clear that no leadership changes will be made in the state. However, there is no doubt that Manoj Sinha remained the first choice of BJP’s top leadership as a substitute for Yogi even after being out of the CM’s race in 2017.

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He says that Manoj Sinha is of clean and clean image and comes from Bhumihar community. In such a situation, if he was made CM as a substitute for Yogi, it was not necessary that the Brahmin community would be happy with this. Being close to Modi, he could not be kept sitting for long. In such a situation, he has been assigned an important responsibility by making him Lieutenant Governor. In this way, BJP also politically set Manoj Sinha and the thorn in the political path of CM Yogi was also abolished.

A year after the removal of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, the challenge before the government is to start more political activities than administrative work. National Conference chief Omar Abdula has refused to contest the election and the head of the PDP is under house arrest. There has been a political gap in Jammu and Kashmir for a long time, in such a situation, there was a need to fill it before the Modi government. In such a situation, Manoj Sinha, who is considered loyal to the BJP and trusted to Modi-Shah, became the first choice for the post of Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor.

Himanshu Mishra says that Manoj Sinha has got an important responsibility. Now the traditional politics has come to an end that only political leaders considered as retired should be appointed as Governor or Lieutenant Governor. Right now a leader is needed in Kashmir who can create a political atmosphere there, because the message that goes from there goes not only in the country but around the world. In such a situation, the Modi government cannot postpone elections in the valley for a long time. That is why Manoj Sinha has been assigned a huge task as Lieutenant Governor.

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