On the one hand, there are circumstances of war between China and Taiwan, on the other hand, Turkey and Greece are threatening to pay a heavy price to each other. China is celebrating South China Xi and does not allow Taiwan to find any minerals there.

In a similar manner, the sea between Turkey and Greece has also become increasingly concerned about finding gas reserves. Now the President of Turkey has also joined the army with his gas finder ship so that if Greece somehow obstructs this work, then the army can give him a befitting reply. 

Turkish President said that if attacked, the price will be paid 

A few days ago, talking to members of the party AKP, Turkish President Erdovan said that we have told Greece that if you attack our Oruch Rais, you will have to pay a heavy price. Oruch Rais is a Turkish exploration ship. This week, the ship has again started to find gas in the eastern Mediterranean. 

The Turkish Navy also has several ships along with the search ship. Greece has also sent its navy to the spot for surveillance. There are reports in the Greek media that his naval ship has hit an Ottoman ship under the protection of Oruch Reis. The Greek Ministry of Defense has denied reports of an attack on the Ottoman ship. A Defense Ministry spokesman told news agency AFP that no such incident had taken place.

Dispute over large petroleum reserves

A new dispute between Turkey and Greece has erupted ever since the hydrocarbon reserve was discovered in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece and the European Union claim that Turkey is illegally drilling in the area. Turkey claims that the area falls in its exclusive economic zone.

On Thursday, Erdoोan also spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on this issue. The Turkish President’s Office issued a statement after this conversation, saying that he (President Erdovan) wants the dispute in the eastern Mediterranean to be resolved through fairness and negotiation within the ambit of international laws.

Earlier in July, Merkel mediated between Turkey and Greece over the dispute. Turkey stopped drilling briefly after Merkel’s intervention, but Greece entered into a treaty with Egypt over oil and gas mining. The treaty deals with mining rights. Turkey termed the treaty as bandits and resumed drilling on 10 August.

French army in disputed area

Meanwhile, France has announced that it will increase its military presence in the eastern Mediterranean. The office of French President Emmanuel Macron issued a statement that France would temporarily deploy its forces there to monitor the situation in the area and to ensure the restoration of international law. Both Turkey and Greece have been members of NATO since 1952 but there is a long history of competition between the two countries. Even today, differences and differences in the relationship between the two countries are clearly visible.

Egypt also sprung up 

With the arrival of Egypt in dispute, it has become more explosive now. Schtefan Roel is the Head of Middle East and Africa Research at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Roll says that the first and cleanest issue is gas reserves. It is very important for Egypt to develop them. The country’s energy strategy is largely based on gas exports. But this quarrel with Turkey is much larger.

Its roots go back to the military coup in Egypt in 2013, in which the ruling Muslim Brotherhood was targeted. Cairo’s allegation that Turkey supported the Muslim Brotherhood is also true to some extent. Many senior members of the Muslim Badrhood are living in exile in Turkey. The Egyptian leadership feels threatened by Turkey, alleging that Turkey is planning a coup to avenge it.

Turkey’s relations with the European Union have also deteriorated over the past five years. Countries in Europe view the warnings of opening the border of Erdovan as a refugee crisis. Turkey’s relations with America are not the same now. Erdovan sometimes goes to Russia and sometimes returns to NATO. Western countries feel that Erdoवानan is bent on bargaining for his own benefit.

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