RAS Pinki Meena arrested in Dausa district for demanding bribe of 10 lakhs will have to remain in jail. A hearing was held on Monday in Jaipur bench of the High Court on his bail. In which the defense counsel sought permission to withdraw the bail application seeking exemption to present the bail application after the charge sheet in the case was presented. On this, the court granted permission and rejected the bail application.

In a single bench of Judge Inderjit Singh, the defense counsel said that the ACB has no evidence against Pinky Meena. In this case neither Pinki Meena has recovered nor has any demand been made. He is being falsely implicated. On the other hand, the government lawyer said that the ACB has a recording of the bribe. She can influence witnesses when she comes out on bail.

Pinky was married on 16 February in Jaipur, for which the High Court granted 10 days interim bail. In such a situation, he no longer had the basis to get a regular bell. This is the reason why the bail petition was considered withdrawn. Since the bail application of another officer arrested in the same case has already been rejected. This was also more likely to be dismissed. On the evening of 21 February, Pinky surrendered at the Jaipur Women’s Jail on completion of the interim bail period. The High Court fixed February 22 as the next date of hearing with grant of 10 days interim bail.

At the end of the bail period, Pinky Meena surrendered back in jail on Sunday.
At the end of the bail period, Pinky Meena surrendered back in jail on Sunday.

RAS Pinki Meena, who was arrested on January 13, is accused of demanding a bribe of Rs 10 lakh from a company making roads in Bharat Mala project while holding the post of SDM Bandikui. On January 13, on the company’s complaint, the ACB Jaipur team caught red handed SDM Dausa Pushkar Mittal taking a bribe of Rs 5 lakh. At the same time, Pinky Meena was arrested for demanding a bribe of Rs 10 lakh. He was later suspended.

The then Dausa SP and two brokers have also been arrested.
ACB arrested broker Neeraj Meena on 13 January and another broker Gopal Singh on 16 February. It was revealed in the ACB investigation that Neeraj and Gopal used to collect bribe amount for the then Dausa SP Manish Aggarwal. ACB SP Manish Agarwal has also been arrested in this bribe of Dausa. They are also lodged in Jaipur Central Jail. His bail plea in the ACB court has been dismissed.

Lawyer said – U-turn
lawmakers, who did not take ground for bail, said on withdrawing Pinki Meena’s bail application, that there was no basis for Pinky to get bail. The bail plea of ​​Pushkar Mittal, another officer arrested in the case, had already been dismissed from the High Court. Earlier, Pinky Meena has been granted interim bail for marriage, so the ground for getting regular bail was no longer strong. The bail can now be obtained only after the charge sheet is filed. ACB will take around a month in this process, till then Pinky Meena will remain in jail.


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