Vanitha Vijayakumar and VFX Director Peter Paul, a technician, got married in Chennai last evening. Their marriage was held at home because the curfew was in force due to coronavirus in Chennai. The wedding was attended by only relatives and close friends.

Peter Paul First Wife Complaining To Police Against Vanitha Marriage

Christian marriage was formal. Vanitha looked gorgeous in a white gown. After changing the ring, Peter Paul gave Vanita a lip to lip kiss. Photos taken then went viral. Those who saw the photos began to criticize them differently. What is it like to kiss a lip to lip kiss? Can Vanitha do this with her grown daughters? Whatever the Modern, this is a bit overrated. What a model for us to look at, and how it was for those little children.

The back page in Chennai is a coronavirus problem. In this case, there is no social gap in the marriage without wearing a mask. Social networkers have said that the wedding party is not infected. Vanitha’s supporters have said that the marriage is well over. We pray for this marriage to last. Not only is Vanitha sister in the photos but her daughters are also happy. It is a joy to see Peter Paul Vanita’s youngest daughter feed the cake first. Peter has come to believe that he will take care of the two girls.

Vanitha is not in a hurry but has chosen a husband who is really good. He no longer has to fight to raise two girls alone. It would be nice if Vanita’s family would accept him. Previously, Vanitha made her wedding on her YouTube channel live. They certainly won’t find Vanitha talking about Peter Paul’s lip lock affair. When Vanitha announced she was going to marry Peter, many people talked about her as a model.

Those who talk will just keep talking. Vanitha said that not everyone can be satisfied. This is the 3rd marriage of Vanitha. Earlier, at the age of 19, Vanitha and actor Aakash got married. Vanitha and Aakash split after Vijaya Srihari and Jovica had children.

After divorcing Akash, Vanitha married Rajan. They had a daughter named Jainita. Vanitha and Rajan later divorced. After the divorce, Vanitha lived with her daughters Jovica and Jainita. Vijay Srihari is with daddy Akash saying he does not want to be a mother. Vanitha lives in the hope that her son will one day understand her love and return to her.


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