Facebook's big statement in the BJP-Congress politics, party and leaders do not see while implementing policy

Allegations between the Congress and the BJP began after Facebook claimed in a report by the US Media Wall Street Journal that the leaders of the ruling party in India were negligent in enforcing hate speech rules. At the same time, the statement of social media site Facebook has also surfaced in this case. Facebook said it prohibits speech and content that incites violence. When implementing policies globally it is not seen that the post is related to any political position or party. However, we know that a lot more has to be done to curb this. This process is regularly audited to ensure fairness and accuracy.

In this case, after Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi has targeted the BJP. He wrote in a post on Facebook that after most media channels of India, now it is the turn of social media. The Bharatiya Janata Party used all tactics to spread hatred and propaganda and is still doing so. Facebook, which is a simple medium of public expression, was also used by the leaders and activists of the Bharatiya Janata Party to spread misleading information and hate. Not only this, for this Facebook could not take any action, BJP also colluded with the officials of Facebook so that social media can be controlled.

Congress demanded a probe with JPC

The Congress has demanded a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) inquiry into the matter. Congress leader Ajay Maken said the JPC should investigate how Facebook and WhatsApp are working to help the BJP in the elections and create an atmosphere of hatred.

What is the matter

In a Wall Street Journal article, Facebook has been accused of being lenient towards leaders of the ruling party BJP in India and that their hate speech is not punished. Rahul Gandhi, who daily targeted the government through social media, seized the occasion and tried to present it as a proof. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor also stood with Rahul and as the chairman of the Information Technology Parliamentary Committee But also warned. He said that the committee would like to call Facebook to know the status on this report. Ravi Shankar Prasad also indirectly reminded the history, questioning Rahul Gandhi’s ability. He said, “You have been caught red handed trying to influence the election with the help of data from Cambridge Analytica and Facebook and showing courage to accuse us.”

Sonia also in the realm of hate speech, live on Facebook: BJP

BJP social media in-charge Amit Malviya denied the allegations of Rahul Gandhi with detailed data. He said, Facebook had deleted about 700 pages of BJP supporters before the 2019 elections. Whereas every page had millions of followers. According to BJP sources, there were many pages like V Support India, Mera Bharat Mahan, Hindustani Sena, Youth for Namo, Kaho Dil Se and Narendra Modi again. Malviya also pitched Congress President Sonia Gandhi under the purview of Hate Speech and said that ‘her discriminatory speech went live on Facebook and after that there were riots in Delhi and many died. Sonia Gandhi is also equally responsible.

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