Independence Day 2020: More than one lakh households are getting water connection daily - PM Modi

Addressing the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed happiness over the plan to provide pure drinking water to every household. PM Modi said during this period that water has been transported to more than two crore households under the Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme. He said that last year the water life mission from Red Fort was announced. Today, under this mission, more than one lakh households are successfully having water connections daily.

In his address, PM Modi said that if pure water reaches the large population of rural areas of the country for drinking, it will improve the lives of people and change their lifestyle. The biggest benefit of this scheme will be the health of the people. By getting pure drinking water, they will get rid of water borne diseases and will save money spent on the treatment of diseases caused by it.

The center of PM Modi’s entire speech was self-sufficient India

The center of PM Modi’s entire speech was self-sufficient India. During this time she also focused on corona virus, economic development, women power and Digital India. He announced the National Digital Health Mission Campaign. During this period, the National Digital Health Mission will bring a new revolution in India’s health sector. He said that every test, every disease, which doctor gave you which medicine, when, what were your reports, all this information would be contained in this one health card. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that under the Jal Jeevan Mission, water connections are being made in more than one lakh houses every day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hoisted the tricolor at the Red Fort for the seventh consecutive time and addressed the country from the ramparts.


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