A beautiful athlete who lost her form, has entered the world. 25-year-old former player said she had no regrets about pursuing this career and was living a happy life. Renee Gracie from Australia car racing. Renee Gracie was named the first female racer in the V8 Supercar in 2015. Renee has had a difficult start since 2016, when she was struck by lightning speed with a car in all the races that year. Form lost, ridiculed in any race. Some of the races were in the top 10, but in some cases at least they were not in the top 10.

Australia supercar driver Renee Gracie became an adult star know the reason

Changing your career is not new, but the way Renee Gracie changed her career, you may have heard less. Australia’s supercar driver Renee Gracie has decided to leave her motorsport career to become an adult star. Renee chose the adult industry so that she could give full support to her family. Renee was Australia’s first full-time female supercar driver. In motorsports, she faced financial difficulties, due to which she came into the adult industry.

In an interview last week, Renee said that this is the best thing she has done in her life. According to Renee, ‘You believe it or not but my father knows about it and he also supports me. You can say that my father is proud on me because I have reached such a financial position. You see what I have achieved, do not see that what I am doing is my success. ‘ Renee said her motorsport career came to an end due to lack of funding.

Renee participated in 17 races in the final Super 2 season, in which she was able to finish in the top-10 just once. In 2015, she participated in the race in partnership with Swiss driver Simona de Silverstro and finished at number 12. she clicks and posts her pictures on the internet and earns money from it. Renee wants people to focus on what she has achieved, but not on what she is doing.

She said, ‘I was not good at racing, so quit racing, it’s over. People feel that because of what I have done before, I cannot do what I am doing right now. I am still Renee, I still have my life, I still have work, nothing has changed for me as a human being. Renee began her motorsport career in 2013–2014 with the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia Championship. According to some media reports after entering the adult industry, she earns about $ 25,000 (about Rs 19 lakh) in a week.


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