Coronavirus also has a profound impact on sports. The grounds are deserted. If there are no sports, then there are no spectators and there is no thrill of sports due to absence of spectators. Cricket is also not untouched by this. The World Test Championship has been postponed. Now the eye is on the T20 World Cup. It is to be held in Australia from October to November this year. But the way corona cases are increasing around the world, this too has been questioned.

Absence Of Audience There Was No Thrill In The Games T20 World Cup With 16 Teams Among The Viruses Is Also Very Difficult

The limited number of fights between the two teams is different, as with the England-West Indies series. But organizing a tournament with 16 teams, their players and supporting staff on many different veins can be a risky task. Therefore, the possibility of this is also very low. According to the old schedule, immediately after this tournament, India has to stop in Australia and play a series of four Test matches and three one-day matches against Australia. But if the World Cup is canceled or goes ahead, then obviously it is going to have an impact on the subsequent series as well.

How will the loss happen?

  • If Australia does not have the T20 World Cup and series with India, then the Australian Cricket Board alone is set to lose 174 million Australian dollars (about 910 crore rupees). This is the money that the Australian board had to get. Whenever a big event takes place, many economic activities related to it get promoted. This may deprive Australia.
  • IPL has been the biggest source of BCCI’s economic strength. If the IPL does not happen this year, then the BCCI will also be trapped in the economic turmoil, which will reach the cricket playing nations around the world. According to a report by Cricbuzz, BCCI could incur a loss of Rs 4000 crore directly if there is no IPL.
    The challenge for domestic cricket too is that the
  • BCCI and IPL franchises pay 20 per cent of their player’s annual fees to the domestic cricket association he represents. Due to the IPL alone, the sports economy brings 1100 crore rupees every year. This is a huge amount which helps in strengthening cricket organizations, players and infrastructure in the country. But Corona has destroyed everything.
  • Initiatives to increase earnings also sponsor a large source of earnings of all cricket boards. The International Cricket Council has made a major change in the rules so that cricket boards can earn some earnings. Until now, no player was allowed to put a logo on the front of a T-shirt and sweater in a test match. But now the ICC has given permission to put logo on the chest for the next one year also in Test matches.

Bio-Secure Cricket!

Cricket has given many new words and their special meanings. Cricket is popularizing a new term in the Corona era and the term is bio-secure. The English and Wales Cricket Board has given this terminology. As the name suggests, cricket will be played in a safe environment. This terminology is used in the series being played between England and the West Indies. To make this series a biosecure, the players’ movement has been kept to a minimum. Test matches are held at stadiums that have hotel facilities as well as stadiums. This will help the players and the support staff avoid the daily commute of buses and unnecessary fatigue.

Game Changing Makeover!

The ICC has made several changes during the Corona era, including keeping domestic umpires, allowing additional DRS reviews, but the most important change is that bowlers will not be able to use saliva to shine the ball. However West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding has strongly objected to blunting the bowlers’ special weapons by prohibiting saliva.

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