Bengal coach Arun Lal, who has recovered from cancer, says that the Indian Cricket Board’s standard operating procedure (SOP) for home teams does not mean that he will lock himself in the room. The board has issued SOPs for the state associations, according to which people above 60 years of age who have a disease or who have low immunity, should not come to the practice camps till further instructions from the government.

Giving the example of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Arun Lal said that how he is running the country at this age. He said, ‘The Prime Minister is 69 years old and is running the country at such a time. Does anyone ask him to resign? He said, ‘Whether I give coaching to Bengal or not, but I will live my life. Don’t expect me to be 65 years old and I will lock myself in a room for the next 30 years. It will not be.’ The former Bengal cricketer said that he would follow the social distance protocol, but would not live in isolation.

‘Working with Whatmore will be difficult’

Meanwhile, a senior Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) official said that it would be ‘difficult’ to work with Dave Whatmore after BCCI’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) prohibited more than 60-year-olds from attending a practice camp. .

A day after the BCCI sent SOPs to the state associations to restart domestic cricket over the Kovid-19 pandemic, a BCA official told PTI, “It will be difficult for us (Wattmore) to work with them now.” Whatmore is 66 years old, whom Baroda appointed in April this year as coach and cricket director of the Ranji Trophy team.

According to the 100-page SOP of the BCCI, ‘Support staff over 60 years, umpires, field staff and people undergoing treatment for diseases like diabetes, are considered to be at higher risk of Kovid-19 for vulnerable immunities. Till the government issues appropriate guidelines, such individuals should be prevented from participating in the activities of the camp.

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