IND Vs AUS: The third Test played between Australia and India at the Sydney Cricket Ground was a draw. India batsmen showed amazing passion on the last day of the Test and drew the Test match. Australia captain Tim Paine has stated his own poor performance as the reason for the match draw. Penn took the responsibility of dropping the catch after the match and also said that it is difficult to digest.

In the second over on the last day, Australia had become a strong contender for victory with the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane. Rishabh Pant’s 97-run innings brought India back into the match, but Pant would have been out already if the Australian captain had not missed his catch twice. Penn said, “We created a lot of opportunities. Our bowlers bowled brilliantly. So it is difficult to digest. I accept my mistake of dropping the catch.”

Penn said that many positive things have been learned from this match. The Australian captain said, “We are ready for Brisbane now. We did not play our best cricket in Adelaide, nor in Melbourne, but it was a very close match. The players made their best efforts today. The two young players played internationally Played good cricket. Will Pukowski started with a half-century and Cameron Green also helped us a lot in our second innings. ”

Pen expressed disappointment

Tin pens have also come under target due to their antics behind the wicket. Tim Paine has apologized to Ashwin and Team India for their behavior. The Australian captain said, “It was the worst match of my career. I did not perform the game according to my standards.


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