Danny Green in the shooting failure. "I haven't lost my confidence, and I can hit the shoot without hesitation."

Focus on defense even if shoot touch does not return

The Lakers, number one at the West Conference, will face the Trailblazers, who have won the play-ins and won the play-in in the first round.

The offense centered on LeBron James and Anthony Davis is a league top class, but there are players who could not catch the wave in the seeding game of “Bubble”. That player is Danny Green, who has a good three-point shoot. The success rate of 3-point shots in the last eight games is 25%, which means that the player has not been able to play.

When asked about Slump, Green plainly said, “What happens to shooters,” he said, “thinking positively.” “I haven’t lost my self-confidence, I’ve hit the shoot without hesitation. I’m in good shape right now, and I feel like I’m returning to my normal self.”

He said that even if the shot touch doesn’t return immediately, the green will concentrate on the well-regarded defense. “I’m more defensive than anything now. It’s not easy to control who you face. It’s a league best offense, so you’ll have the chance to hit easy shots, nothing. I’m not worried.”

Avery Bradley, who is also highly regarded as a defense player, has forgotten participation in the “Bubble” and has yet to decide when Rajon Rondo will return.

The green shoot slump was also seen in the Raptors’ playoffs last season, but it regained its original rhythm with each win. In the first round of “Bubble,” the green play, which is known as one of the best defenders in the league, will be highlighted.

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