Despite being struggling with the en-beads, the first two games in the playoffs were "Cliff" and how could the Sixers, who lacked tactical ability, recover?

Celtics that thoroughly fights how to exhaust the embed

Despite Joel Embed’s struggle for the lone army, the Sixers have suffered consecutive losses without being able to stop the strong Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown’s attacks. It was the form that was supposed before the beginning of the series, and it was also the second round that was defeated without a hit against the Celtics who had taken the same measures as the first round.

The content that was more occluded than the results left a great deal of concern after the next race.

From the Celtics, which is bad in the Big Man confrontation, it is within the expected range that the embedding cannot be stopped. We sent out three centers one after another, and made some physical efforts to make physical correspondence. Even though the unstoppable embied dominated below the goal from the start of the game, it was also the Celtics’ aim to invite the gas out of the embied by continuing to respond physically even if the score was lost. In the second half of the game, Embed stalled in the second half, but especially in the second round, he couldn’t get even one offense rebound and he couldn’t even get under the goal.

In the latter half, Celtics, which has multiple measures, increased the defense’s gear and put pressure on the guards so that they could not even pass the embed in the first place, confusing the Sixers Offense without point guards. .. In addition, not only Steel but also multiple players started running from the defense rebound without fail to set up a running game.

At the Half Court Offense centered around Kemba Walker, the stamina is struck by taking measures to exhaust the embied against offense and defense by playing around with the embed that loosely protects the outside and swinging it with speed and passwork. Inducing a break.

It was also two games in which Tatum and Brown made a rough score, but both of them broke into the bottom of the goal and made the shot without being bothered by the threat of the embedding, which is also a manifestation of the confidence that we were out of speed. Although the physical strength and height of the Embed are overwhelming, it was the two games in which only the tactics of the Celtics, who skillfully hit clear weak points, were outstanding.

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