Former South African captain Graeme Smith praised Sourav Ganguly for bringing change in Indian cricket. Smith said that Ganguly has always been such a player that if you tease him, then you have to be ready for the answer. Smith said this on the Star Sports show Cricket Connected.

Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith disclosure about Sourav Ganguly

He said that I have spent a long time with Dada. Especially as a cricket administrator. We often talk on the phone. It is very easy to talk to him, he is always calm and often willing to talk about the betterment of the game.

Ganguly’s jersey removed in the final of NatWest Trophy, still remembered: Smith

Smith recalled Ganguly’s celebration after winning the 2002 NatWest Trophy final on the show, saying that I still remember his jersey being waved in his Lord’s balcony. It was a really beautiful sight. He captained the team without fear. The spirit of fighting in Team India was born under Ganguly.

Ganguly created the spirit to fight in Team India

He has further said that his behavior on the field showed that he (Ganguly) does not come under any pressure. A t-shirt wave at Lord’s can be gauged by how important that victory was to him.

Ganguly never made me wait for a toss

Smith became the youngest captain in South Africa in 2003 at the age of 22. At that time Ganguly was also the captain of the Indian team. But both of them encountered very little. The former South African captain revealed that barring a few chances, our relations have been good and things never got out of hand and Ganguly never made him wait for the toss. As happened with former Australian captain Steve Waugh.

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