This season belongs to Wizards and Clippers

The Warriors, who have not even been given the right to participate in the “Bubble” at the bottom of the 2019-20 season, may play a V-shaped recovery next season depending on the reinforcement of the offseason.Independent Isaiah Thomas wants to transfer to Warriors "Play from bench"

Interesting new core possibilities are Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins, who are due to recover from the anterior cruciate ligament rupture. In addition, it is possible to appoint an immediate fighting power with the draft nomination right, or to make a large trade using the nomination right, and the trend of the off season is drawing attention.

Veteran Isaiah Thomas hopes to join the Warriors as soon as possible. Quoting the Lakers Jared Dudley on Twitter: “Don’t forget about the Warriors. If you’re in good shape and you have a Top 5 nomination, you’re in the West 4” In a form, Thomas posted, “I want the Warriors to take action. I will play from the bench!!!”.

Thomas, who started the season with Wizards, was transferred to the Clippers in a trade between the three teams that was established during the season, but the contract was immediately canceled and he remains independent. Thomas was a Celtics ace until the 2016-17 season, but when his hip injury prevented him from performing as well as him and his reputation dropped, he became a’Journeyman’ across the Cavaliers, Lakers, Nuggets and Wizards. Oops.

Although the sharpness in the heyday may have been lost, it is 175 cm and although it is a small soldier, its scoring ability is high, its physical strength is strong, and its handling technology is also high. The veteran like Thomas will be decided to take up after most of the roster formation is finished, but I want to keep an eye on his whereabouts, whether his hopes will come true.

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