India's Australia tour: Sourav Ganguly hoped players will be Quarantine for 2 weeks

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly said that the Indian team has already been approved for the tour of Australia. Now we have asked the Australia Cricket Board to reduce the quarantine time of the players. Hopefully it will happen, because it will be very difficult to stay in a hotel room for two weeks.

India's Australia tour: Sourav Ganguly hoped players will be Quarantine for 2 weeks

The Indian team has to play the T20 World Cup in October-November itself after the 3 T20 series in October on the tour of Australia. After this, there is also a 4 Test and 3 ODI series against Australia in December-January. At the same time, it is feared that the World Cup may be postponed due to Corona.

Guests staying two weeks Dipresing and Dispointing in Ganguly told a news channel, “We have approved the trip. We have to go there in December. We hope the Quarantine days will be slightly reduced, as we do not want players to sit in the hotel room for two weeks. It is very much depressing and dispointing. Except Melbourne, conditions are fine in Australia and New Zealand, so we expect quarantine days to be less. ”

We only expect the Indian team to win abroad, “he said.” It is going to be a very difficult series. It will not be like the series that happened two years ago. This time Australia is very strong, while India is also a good team. We have a fantastic Batesman, Bowler. We will just need to bat well. I have also told this to Virat. I told him that you are Virat Kohli, your standard is high. When you go abroad, I see you playing on TV. I do not expect you to play well against Australia. I hope you only win. ”

The last time India beat Australia 2–1 was the last time a series of 4 Tests were played between the two countries in late 2018. India then defeated Australia 2–1 at the same house. This was Team India’s first Test series win in Australia. India have lost 8 out of 12 series and played 3 draws so far in Australia.

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