Jaguar Murray "The important thing is to win" despite the 57 goals scored by Donovan Mitchell

Despite being overwhelmed by the opponent’s ace, the team as a whole wins extra time

There was a long interruption due to the effect of the new coronavirus, and the NBA restarted in the isolated area “Bubble” inside the Disney resort in Orlando, and entered the playoff from the 17th on the spot. The first match, Nuggets vs Jazz, was a fierce battle like a playoff.

In the first half, the Nuggets scored a maximum of 12 points, with a high probability of seven players scoring 11 out of 23 and taking a maximum of 12 points, but jazz reversed in the second half. The second-year Michael Porter Jr., who broke after resuming the season in “Bubble”, has both scoring power and rebound, but he has a difficult off-ball defense. Veteran Joe Ingles pierced it and captured the Nuggets defense.

However, Nuggets narrowed the points by the second unit of Monte Morris and Mason Plumley at the beginning of the 4th quarter, which was 5 points behind. Over time, the concentration of both teams will increase and the strength of the defense will increase. The last time was a single fight between jazz Donovan Mitchell and Nuggets Jamal Murray.

With 3 minutes and 12 seconds remaining, when Murray sank a reversing floater shot from a light step, Mitchell immediately scored a 3-point shot to regain the lead, creating a playoff atmosphere. Both teams entrusted most of the attacks to these two people, and both of them decided to shoot with a high probability while receiving thorough marks.

In the remaining 26 seconds after tying the tie, Nikola Jokić took the rebound when Murray’s middle shot was hit by the rim and got a foul under the goal to get a free throw. Decide on both of them and get out one step with 115-113. However, Mitchell surely invited a foul from the drive, and also decided two free throws exactly to tie the score. Playoffs The first game entered overtime.

Mitchell pulled offense more than usual with a team where Mike Conley was absent. “I just thought about choosing the right play,” he said after the game, showing 19 points out of 33 field goals and 13 free throws, and 57 points.

But the overtime was Nuggets. Mistakes occur in jazz by extending the tension of the fourth quarter as it is. Rudy Gobea was trying to find an attacker other than Mitchell, but missed Morris’s three-pointer with a quick pass, and then Ingles missed the kick-out pass from the attack and turned over. In the Nuggets, Murray scored a 3-point shot with the possession he got here, and slammed it out to 123-115.

It was not the offense that supported the Nuggets’ momentum, but the defense that lowered Porter Jr. to the bench from the end of the fourth quarter and tightened it. Even after entering the extension, Jokic, who fell down at the finish, returned at full speed in order not to allow haste, and as a result picked up the loose ball and secured valuable possession, while being pushed by Mitchell’s overwhelming performance. , Endured the momentum of jazz by not giving them the chance of easy shooting, and brought them to their own pace.

The Nuggets win first with a final score of 135-125. Murray scored 36 goals in his playoff career, but when asked about the offense that scored 135, he said, “I don’t care about Stats. It’s a victory, and the points I need to win. If you can win, to be honest, the team can score 75 or 80.”

Nuggets commander Michael Malone said, “If Mitchell wins 57 points and Jazz wins, I’m watching without a tactical board, but it’s not. We can do our way.” Although he was proud of the battle that persistently attracted the victory, he seemed exhausted from the overtime with behind behind for a long time, “It was a hellish game. I won but I am not satisfied. It’s just nothing, and tomorrow we have to watch the video and study,” he predicted.

Still, the significance of having the first match is significant. “I’ve always thought about playing in the playoffs. It’s the toughest fight, but it’s also the most fun game,” explained Murray, who smiled during the match.

Mitchell broke Karl Malone’s playoff score for the team, but didn’t win. Of course, there is no smile here, but I have not lost confidence. “It’s a painful loss, but it’s just one match,” he said. As Malone says, it’s going to be a long series.

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