Joel Embied loses to Celtics with Tatum & Brown scoring 61 goals in a lone army struggle

“My responsibility. I should have held the ball firmly.”

Sixth place in the playoffs first round, east conference, faced third place Celtics. Joel Embied struggled with 26 points and 16 rebounds, but lost to 101-109, allowing the Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown duo a total of 61 points.

After the match, Embed said, “I have to do more. I don’t care what the stats are. I have the task of pulling a team. I need the help of my teammates. More shots and more aggressive. I have to play. I help my teammates in the defense. It’s important that all the teams do hard work and keep the ball firmly.”

The Sixers lack the All-Star Ben Simmons, but the match was close. The Sixers, who led with a 15-0 run at the end of the third quarter, were reversed by allowing a 0-9 run in the middle of the fourth quarter. With 59 seconds remaining in the match, Josh Richardson’s three-point shot narrowed the gap by three points, but allowed six free throws and dropped a close game.

Embeid made a great start in the first quarter with all five successful field goals. Although he had full control of the low post, he has no opportunity to post play after the first quarter. “I don’t know why. Maybe I should have played a little more aggressively, maybe I need more post-play. I have to correct that for the next match. Play more aggressively and play aggressively. I think the results will come with it.”

For the next race, Embied said, “I know the corrections.” “Today I had too many turnovers. It’s my responsibility. I should have held the ball firmly. I allowed the opponent too many offense rebounds. There were too many goals from the turnover. Loss. But there was only 6 points (actually 8 points), so we need to correct the goals from the turnover and offense rebound in the second round.”

The team was 18 turnovers (Celtics is 7) with the 5 turnover of the embedding at the top, and the Sixers were defeated by a lot of mistakes. Since the battle without Simmons will be compelled after the second round, the embied is required to have more leadership than ever.

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