Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho says Heung-Min desperate with broken right arm this season
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Jose Mourinho Heung-min desperate play for Tottenham Hotspur: The fact that Heung-Min Son Heung-min, a member of the English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur, will be leaving the country for a long time with a broken right arm.

Coach Jose Mourinho mentioned the possibility that the team could finish the season in a good way, analogous to clinging to a balcony on the fourth floor of the building.

Tottenham, who is already desperate for Ace’s Harry Kane this season, won his match against Aston Villa on March 16 but lost Heung-Min in the game.

Mourinho thinks that it will be difficult to return during the season.

Tottenham is scheduled for the European Champions League 2019-20 against RB Leipzig on the 19th and the Chelsea on the 22nd.

The Chelsea match could be the biggest champions of next season’s Champions League qualification, with Tottenham rising to fourth place within the tournament victory if he wins.

He said that was is the turning point of the season, using a unique analogy. Mourinho, who raised the team so far from the 14th place with 12 points behind Chelsea when he took office last November.

“When we came, the team was on the 12 no, and from there, we started climbing up the stairs, but then the stairs collapsed quickly.” I continued. “

“But now we’re struggling to get off the stairs, where we’re going to reach our target fourth floor, and we’re in trouble. We’re hanging on the balcony railing.

“One of there is a way. First of all fallen to die. here die if Ochire because it is the fourth floor. “” and I can another is Yes, go up. I can fight at full up on the balcony”

Heung-Min remained strong this place, official With just five goals in a row to fill the hole for Kane, leaving could be a huge blow to the team. He scored two goals, including the 94-minute final, Despite being injured in the first minute against Aston Villa.

The club hasn’t announced any details on the Heung-Min withdrawal period, which is due to undergo surgery this week. However, Mourinho’s view is pessimistic, commenting that “we can no longer count as a force this season.”

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