Current BCCI President and former Team India captain Sourav Ganguly made a big disclosure about Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner Shah Rukh Khan. He said that Shah Rukh did not give me freedom like Gautam Gambhir during the captaincy of KKR in the first season of IPL. Ganguly said this in an interview to YouTube channel.

KKR's captaincy Ganguly said - Shahrukh did not give me freedom like Gambhir

He said that the best teams of the IPL had captains who had complete control over the team. I too sought the same freedom from Shah Rukh in the first season of the league in 2008, but he did not give me freedom.

There was trouble with Buchanan’s multi-captivity policy: Ganguly

Ganguly captained KKR in 2008. However, a year later, his coach John Buchanan had a dispute over a policy of multi-captaincy. In the beginning, Buchanan’s policy gave the team good results. But, Buchanan was dropped after KKR’s poor performance in the second season.

In the third season, Ganguly was re-named the captain of the team, but even then Kolkata could not make it to the top-4. Then in 2011, Gautam Gambhir replaced Ganguly as the captain of KKR and in 2012 and 2014, Kolkata won the IPL title.

‘I sought freedom from Shahrukh in first season of IPL’

Ganguly said that I was watching an interview of Gautam Gambhir, in which he said that in the fourth year, Shah Rukh told him that this is your team and I will not interfere in it. The same thing, I had said to him in the first year that you leave the team over me, but it did not happen.

‘Buchanan needed 4 captains to run the team’

He further said that you see that the best team of IPL is the one where the team is left on the players. Look at CSK, Mahendra Singh Dhoni runs it. No one in the Mumbai Indians makes any difference to Rohit Sharma, no one tells them to give these players a place in the team. KKR had trouble thinking, coach Buchanan needed four captains. He felt that he would run the team in his own way.

Trouble with Buchanan started only after the first season of IPL

The former KKR captain said that trouble started with coach Buchanan only after the first season of the IPL was over. The problem was not me, the problem was with a captain in the team. We had Brendon McCullum, we had a bowling captain, and I didn’t know what the captain was for.

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