Lakers and Blazers wary of seeding game MVP Lillard "has the hottest player in the league"

Cordwell Pope advances Lillard measures

In the playoff first round starting on August 17, the West Conference’s No. 1 Lakers will face the No. 8 Trail Blazers. The Lakers commander Frank Vogel has been cautious while praising the Blazers Damian Lillard as “the league’s hottest player” at a video conference on the 16th.

“It’s certainly not an ordinary 8th seeded team. At least offense is at the elite level as far as the match in the bubble is concerned. Dame (Lillard), CJ (McCallum), (Yusuf) Nurquich are taken for granted by the team. Everyone needs to be vigilant about their culture, they’ve been together with the current system for many years now, they’re vigilant and they’re vigilant for their strength as they have had a conference final last year “

The blazer for the Blazers playoffs is definitely Lillard. Lillard, who won the seeding game MVP, scored 37.6 points and 9.6 assists in eight games. He scored an average of 51.3 points in the last three games of the seeding game and did a big job with 31 points in the play-in with Grizzlies.

Anthony Davis is also paying close attention to Lillard. “He’s playing happily. He’s doing everything he can to win the team in great shape. He’s on the back of the team, he’s been playing for quite some time. He’s the core player. I just do my best to contain him and remove the features.It’s a tough opponent as there are some other players who can score some points.I know what level Lillard is and what he thinks. We will do what we can to win for the team above.”

It’s likely that it will be Kentabias Cordwell Pope that will mark Lillard. Cordwell Pope has been a starter on behalf of Avery Bradley, who decided not to join the bubble. In preparation for a matchup with Lillard, “I’m studying how other teams deal with Dame by watching video. I’m thinking of using it as a reference when guarding him,” already prepared. proceeding.

The Lakers suffered a little in the seeding game, perhaps because they could afford the first seed quickly. Compared to the regular season, the team’s field goal success rate decreased from 49% to 43.8%, and the average score per game also decreased from 114.3 to 106.4. Although he could only win three games in eight games, the battle for the NBA champion is about to begin.

“We have only one purpose here: fighting for the championship is our mission,” said Cordwell Pope. The first round of the Lakers vs. Blazers will be held on the 18th local time.

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