Brazilian legend footballer Ronaldinho and his brother Roberte Essis may be released from custody on August 24. A petition containing the terms of their agreement is expected to be heard on 24 August. According to an ESPN report, Judge Gustavo Amarilla, who heard the case, set a date for reviewing the terms of the agreement on Monday.

Under the terms, Ronaldinho has agreed to pay a fine of $ 90,000 (Rs 67.32 lakh) and will have to appear before a federal judge in Brazil every three months for two years. Asis was ordered to pay $ 110,000 and would not be allowed to leave Brazil for two years.

Ronaldinho and his brother Essis were placed under house arrest in March on fake passports. Ronaldinho was placed under house arrest after spending 32 days in a Paraguay prison.

Both of them were shifted to the four-star Plamaroga Hotel in the capital Asuncion in April after agreeing to pay a bail amount of US $ 1.6 million. Ronaldinho was placed under house arrest in connection with a fake passport. The former Barcelona star was caught in April in the country with fake papers.

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