Everton were beaten 4–0 by defending champions Liverpool in the EPL. Richarlison scored in the third and Sigradson scored in the 83rd minute. This is Liverpool’s fourth consecutive defeat at home. Earlier in 1923, he had lost in 4 consecutive home matches. Prior to this four defeats, the team had not lost 68 consecutive matches at home. Everton had a win over Liverpool 23 matches later. His last win over Enfield was in 1999. Liverpool with 40 points in 25 matches and Everton with 7 points in 24 matches.

Holland again scored two goals

Borussia Dortmund beat Schalke 4–0 in the German League Bundesliga. Sancho scored 42nd, Holland 45th, 79th and Guerrero scored in the 60th minute. The Netherlands have 30 goals in 32 matches in the Bundesliga so far. He also scored two goals in the previous Champions League match. Dortmund is 6th with 36 points. At the same time, Real Madrid beat Real Valladolid 1–0 in the Spanish League La Liga.


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