Limited release of Leonard’s signature basketball shoes

New Balance will release a collection “THE KAWHI 4 Bounces” inspired by Kawai Leonard on August 21st. Also, at New Balance Harajuku, it was announced that the signature basketball shoes worn by Leonard himself in the game will be released for the same day only.

Signature basketball shoe “BBKLSTW” designed with Leonard who won the 2nd NBA champion and the 4th NBA All-Star. This shoe is set so that it can be played in multiple positions in any position, and is the model worn by Leonard himself during the game.

Equipped with “FuelCell”, a new balance midsole platform that boasts excellent impact resilience, it provides the ultimate energy return, enabling explosive performance maintenance throughout the game. In addition, the newly developed full-length performance plate “NB First” and “Kinetic Stitch” adopted for the upper reduce the blurring of the foot and show stability even in momentary play such as cut-in and jump be able to.

In addition to its function, it features stitched uppers inspired by the Leonard’s signature braided hairstyle, and the gold accent color on the heel and eyelets. This “BBKLSTW” will be a limited model only at New Balance Harajuku.

Running shoes “850” reprinted as LIFESTYLE model “ML850”

The running shoe “850” that appeared in 1996 with a novel design that distinguishes the N logo design of the saddle, which is a symbolic design of the new balance shoes until then, is reprinted as the LIFESTYLE model “ML850”. The midsole of the time is reproduced with the same shock absorber ABZORB as the original, C-CAP boasting high cushioning properties, a full ground contact sole and a ROLLBAR that achieves excellent stability. “ML850BWR” is a new color inspired by Leonard.

In addition, the sports sandals “SMF200”, which has a comfortable and soft footbed on the soles of the feet and provides a stable riding feeling due to the wall structure that suppresses lateral shake, will be sold on the same day.

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