Nuggets vs Jazz with similar characteristics and different styles, the key is how to make the most of the advantages of Jokić & Murray

Both teams who have refined their team play centered around young ace

A week after the great double-time competition, Nuggets and Jazz decided to meet each other in the playoff first round. Both teams have a strong defense and a strong ace, so it will be a series of tense tensions and fierce battles from the start to the end.

A basket with a high degree of perfection, which focuses on team play instead of force, while focusing on a young ace, is also a battle of precise strategies that stick to each other’s one play. As the series progresses, it will be a supreme battle where the play that tastes like the essence of the basket is developed.

Although both teams have similar characteristics, Nuggets’s offense centered on Nikola Jokić will change positions fluidly, and will be defensively defensive in a style that connects many passes. Despite the slow pace, the number of assists in the fourth place in the league makes the pass game fun.

On the other hand, jazz offense is a logical style that creates free with accurate positioning and passes. However, instead of moving around in a fluid manner, keeping in mind that the court is kept wide, the team has the most drives to split the space. The number of assists is 26th in the league, which is an offense in contrast to the Nuggets.

This difference in style is also different in the play of Ace, while Jokić moves around and gets passes again and again and becomes a relay role, while Donovan Mitchell carefully holds the ball and makes a big pass. It is the starting point for creating opportunities. We have to take measures to stop each other’s ace, but it is difficult for the center’s Rudy Govea to chase after Jokic and block the pass, and Gary Harris who should stop Mitchell has not yet appeared. Since each man mark cannot solve the problem, it is worth paying attention to how the team will devise.

At the beginning of the seeding game, the Nuggets were injured because the guards were all together, and we tried out the lineup of Big Man. I wouldn’t use this extreme lineup in the playoffs, but it seems that the point is that you can make good use of the size advantage only for Jokić who can also handle point guards.

It’s not easy to beat because jazz has Gobear who exerts overwhelming defense under the goal. However, even in the last match, when Gobea suffered a foul trouble, jazz suffered from offense and defense, and when Gobea left, Nuggets was able to take the pace at once. Whether the Nuggets will avoid the threat of Govea, or if they will aggressively lead to foul troubles, tactics in the first half of the game are likely to affect the final stage.

For jazz with few big man, 22 shots were shot with 55 three-point shots, which was the most in the team’s history in the previous match. Not only in this match, there is a strong tendency to hit from the outside, and the average number of attempts in the seeding game is 10 more than the Nuggets.

Whether to make the most of their size advantage or to prioritize mobility that can be pursued to the outside. Nuggets, which has a player group that can also support the small lineup, has the option to expand the game.

Although the series has a lot of strategic tactics, it is likely that there will be many games that will be an ace showdown at the end in the end because of the strong defense power of each other. The Nuggets play with both Jokic and Jamal Murray in ace, while jazz plays with Mitchell. It is difficult to predict a win or loss only for players who are strong in all three players and tough shots, but Nuggets seems to have an advantage as they are destroyed by the combination.

Due to the circumstances of Denver and Utah, instead of winning big games with free agents, we have cultivated players who have nominated drafts and strengthened team tactics and accumulated victories. It will be a series where you can enjoy a high-level basket that fuses.


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