“The goal is to bring the championship to Osaka Evessa.”

Osaka Evessa today announced that it has won the DJ New Building.

Newville is from the United States and is a 193cm 95kg point guard and shooting guard. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, he played in Europe such as France and Turkey, and from 2018 he played in Cairns taipans in Australia. Last season, he played 27 games and recorded an average play time of 33.0 minutes with 18.8 points, 3.0 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.4 steals, and was awarded the Best Defensive Player Award. He is a player who can get a score from anywhere, with a high success rate of 31.7 points as well as a drive that takes advantage of speed.

Tatsuya Abe GM introduced the new building as follows. “I play all-around as a combo guard for points, assists, and make-up, and I expect that he will be on the court when the game will move significantly. Despite being 193 cm, I have the skill to protect players up to number four.”

Newville also announced the following comments through the club. “I’m excited to join the historic club. I’ve heard a lot of great information about the club and the city of Osaka. Looking forward to seeing all the fans and learning more about this city.” We are keen to start practicing with our coaching staff and new teammates soon. Our goal is to bring the championship to Osaka Evessa! See you soon!”

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