Pakistani cricketer Azeem Hafeez Born With Two Fingers Missing On His Right Hand Bowler Became Famous In The Cricket World

Pakistani cricketer Azeem Hafeez Born With Two Fingers Missing On His Right Hand Bowler Became Famous In The Cricket World

Fewer fingers of hands can cause trouble for anyone. And when it comes to cricket, it is very important to maintain fingers properly in batting, bowling or fielding. But one such bowler came into the cricket world, who did not have two fingers of one hand since birth. Yes! It is being talked about 1980s Pakistani fast bowler Azim Hafeez. Today is his birthday. Hafeez turns 57.

Raja Azim Hafeez, born on 29 July 1963, was a left-arm fast bowler who represented Pakistan between 1983–85. Despite having two fingers short of birth in the right hand, Hafiz performed unbelievably in the international circuit. The left-arm pacer took a total of 78 wickets (18 Tests – 63 wickets, 15 ODIs – 15 wickets) in his international career.

Hafeez started playing cricket in the streets in 1977–78. He remained close to the great Hanif Mohammad, whose brothers Mushtaq and Sadiq were also Test cricketers. The presence of these cricketers in one locality gave Hafiz a great inspiration. He learned the nuances of cricket in the narrow streets near his home.

Hafiz’s parents put a lot of emphasis on his studies due to physical challenges. He was successful in passing the 12th examination. But later his passion for the game came to dominate. He got a chance to play for Karachi under-19 and Pakistan under-19. Eventually, he was selected to tour India.

It is about those days when veteran Imran Khan was unfit due to a leg injury. In such a situation, Azim Hafeez, who had very little experience in first class cricket, was called for fast bowling. Hafeez made his debut in the Bangalore Test against India in September 1983. In that series of three Test matches, Hafeez got 10 wickets.

After this, Hafeez threw Marathon Spaces in Australia tour and took a total of 19 wickets. He took 5-5 wickets in the innings for the first time in the Adelaide and Perth Test. On the lifeless pitch of the Lahore Test of the home series in October 1984, Hafeez took 6 wickets for 46 runs in India’s first innings. After this, Hafeez played six consecutive Test matches against New Zealand in 1984-85 and took 22 wickets in his name. And here his test career also ended, because Wasim Akram had risen.

Waqar Younis’s little finger on his left hand

Waqar Younis, Pakistan’s finest fast bowler, does not have the smallest finger in his left hand. While playing cricket in childhood, Waqar suffered such a sharp injury to the little finger that the doctor had to bite that finger. But everyone knows that Waqar had created awe in his bowling in the cricket world.


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