Phase 2 of the B League vol.5 Shinji Shimada (B League New Chairman) "A structure that does not rely on the arena scale"

Masaaki Okawa, a former chairman of the B league, decided to retire after leaving his term, saying “I should baton-touch young people while I am still physically strong” in anticipation of further development of the league that started in 2016. The Olympics have been postponed for one year, but originally the four years from the foundation to 2020 are “Phase 1”, and “Phase 2”, which aims at medium- to long-term development from here, was entrusted to the successor. Shinji Shimada, who acted as the manager of Chiba Jets, took over the task while the whole sports world was confused by the new coronavirus. What kind of future figure does the manager who has created various surprises in the basketball world with clear ideas and execution skills?

“Business expansion and significance of existence of professional team”

── Until now, I was not an “outside person” such as a deputy chairman or a director, but looking at the management of the league from the perspective of the club, “I am doing well here”, “I can do more here” Please let me know where you felt.

Regulations and rules are very similar to the J League. Mr. Saburo Kawabuchi launched it, and Mr. Okawa made it into a model and followed the example of the J League, so the B League could proceed in such a short time. In that sense, the presence of the J League is very appreciated for the B League, and based on that, Ogawa-san and other founding members devote themselves to energetic and interesting things to make the B League start dash attractive. Was connected to.

However, I feel that it may be that there are mismatches between soccer and basketball as it has been 3 or 4 years, there are places that should be changed by rules, and there is an original growth strategy in basketball It came to be. That was clearly stated in the 2026 concept announced by Mr. Okawa last spring. If anything, the idea is to eliminate the ups and downs and accelerate growth by resetting the standards. A few years after the league was founded, it was a phase that had been aggressively attacking until then, when the stable management of the club began to be seen little by little, I turned to a new growth route, but from here it became aggressive. I was hit by the new coronavirus just before I thought I should try again.

It is a good place to aggressively imitate the good points while referring to the J League. From there, we have to change in order to go without a road, and I think that where I am a little obscured where to go there must be clarified as a strategy.

──The impact of the new coronavirus seems to be protracted in various places, so it may not be possible to proceed with the plan for 2026 as it is.

There was also a story about whether or not to follow Mr. Okawa’s 2026 concept when accepting a chairman. It will not follow 100% in consideration of the influence of corona, but we will follow the direction. There is no doubt that the licensing system would be useless or deficit without this money, or that the source of corporate efforts was created by the mechanism, and the situation of living or dying became the engine of growth. Well, it’s not so long as we continue to do that for a long time in the future. After all, clubs with higher value accumulate somewhere, higher level games, higher level arenas, and higher media value and more exposure. So, I think that the flow of such restructuring, aiming for a world view that grows as a business, with the appearance of players with world standards, is just the right time for the B League.

There are more clubs in B1 and B2, including 36 and B3, and while many clubs aim for B1, the direction to tighten the elevation is not only business expansion but also development of the basketball world and sports. From the perspective of the club’s contribution to the community, it was beginning to be seen that the resources were too biased toward strengthening the team to work negatively. I think it is important for sports clubs to contribute to regional revitalization, and to control the collective of teams that are loved by the locals and become more energetic as a league to expand the scale. We are. The value of the league is that there are a lot of clubs out there. However, how to control the balance between restructuring for the purpose of business expansion and the significance of existence of such a professional basketball club in Japanese society has not been drawn so much. I feel this is something I have to do.

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