Restarted with "All Baskets", Ryusei Sasayama responded "To make Japan's basketball world one more"

“I was able to show a serious collision”

“BASKETBALL ACTION2020 SHOWCASE” was held at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium with representatives from each category. Ryusei Sasayama, who struggled as the “face” of the Japanese national team, was confident of the success of this event. “I think that I was able to prepare seriously and show serious conflicts so that people who see it even a little can feel something, so I am relieved about that.”

I felt the possibility of having an “all basket” system that crosses the boundaries of categories, such as wheelchair basketball, 3 and 5 people for men and women, and I hoped for the next event. “It’s because of Corona that I was able to get rid of the categories and take action as a whole in the basket world. If we can do many things so that this event will be the first step and Japan’s basket world will be one more I thought it would be good to try it again today.”

In front of this event, three players from Albulk Tokyo had positive reactions to the new coronavirus. In addition, Toyota Motor Antelopes was also found to be suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus by team officials, and a player scheduled to participate in today’s event declined to participate. Given that the B-League, which will open a new season in October, will be affected to a large extent, Sasayama said:

“With the number of infected people spreading all over the world, I think that the B league will definitely come out if we regularly perform PCR tests. It is great because it is zero, so the club is useless That is not to say that it is the part that both the league and the club are asked to not increase the number of people who have left one to 20 or 200. From now on, if you inspect regularly, it will gradually come out. I think that it will come out, and instead of standing up once every time, I will keep it at a minimum. Masu”

With this event, the Japanese basketball world has begun to move again. The challenge of regaining the “daily life with basketball” while suppressing the spread of the new coronavirus with “all baskets” that includes players, staff and other related parties, and fans.

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