Sachin's first century in Manchester and 'Love Story' started in Mumbai

Playing the ninth Test of his career 30 years ago, the 17-year-old 107-day cricketer was involved in world cricket by scoring a Test-saving century. Yes! It is being talked about the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who scored the first century out of his hundred centuries in 1990 today (August 14). He remained unbeaten on 119 on the fifth day of the Manchester Test against England and saved India from defeat.

… when the team was moving towards defeat

Actually, six wickets of the Indian team chasing 408 runs had fallen to 183 runs. Sachin, who landed at number six, shared an unbroken 160-run partnership with Manoj Prabhakar to take India’s score to 343/6 and save the Indian team leading the loss. Sachin scored a century on 14 August and the next day was Independence Day, then that century became even more special.

And this incident changed life

Then Sachin was the youngest cricketer to score a Test century after Pakistan’s Mushtaq Mohammad (17 years 78 days). Sachin, who returned from his first tour of England in his career, faced an incident which changed his life. And from here, the exciting journey to reach marriage by loving Anjali, who is six years older, is no less than the script of a film.

That first meeting at Mumbai airport

In fact, Anjali had seen Anjali for the first time at Mumbai airport after her England tour ended with curly hair. Anjali arrived at the airport to receive her mother with her friend. Then his friend Dr. Aparna recognized Sachin. And he pointed to Sachin and told Anjali that it is he who has made a century in England.

…. Anjali ran after Sachin

Anjali ran after Sachin to take autograph on hearing this. Sachin was also shy to see a girl running after him. He sat quietly in his car, as both brothers Ajit and Nitin came to pick him up at the airport. It is interesting that Anjali forgot to receive her mother while trying to talk to Sachin.

Anjali calls Sachin

After seeing Sachin for the first time at the airport, Anjali somehow wanted to talk and meet Sachin. He took out Sachin’s phone number with the help of friends and managed to talk. Anjali called and told Sachin – I saw you at the airport. Sachin’s answer to this was- ‘Yes, I also saw you, you were running after me.’

Such a strong foundation of friendship

With the phone conversation, such a strong foundation of friendship between Sachin and Anjali was found that both started looking for an opportunity to meet each other. Anjali had told in an interview that she had reached her house to call herself a journalist to meet Sachin. Sachin has mentioned an incident in Autobiography (Sachin Tendulkar, Playing It My Way: My Autobiography), when he could not meet Anjali even after wishing.

Plan to meet each other

Actually, after a lot of effort, the two planned to meet at 8.30 pm. Sachin arrived on time, but Anjali could not get out of the house. Eventually, Sachin had to return without being found. He told that there were no mobile phones at that time and could not call Anjali from the public booth.

Sachin started going here to meet

Sachin’s popularity started growing. It was not right to meet Anjali anywhere in the city. In such a situation, he started going to Grant Medical College-JJ Hospital to meet Anjali, where Anjali was on training to become a doctor. Both also used to meet at Anjali’s ancestral bungalow in Lonavala. Sachin was shy. He could not tell his family about Anjali. In such a situation, it was Anjali who took a step forward.

Marriage after five years affair

Sachin has said ‘Asking the family about Anjali’s marriage was more difficult than facing the world’s fast bowlers. Then I gave this responsibility to Anjali. Finally, after nearly five years of affair, Sachin-Anjali became one. Both were engaged in 1994 in New Zealand. Then Sachin was on a tour of New Zealand with the Indian team. On 24 April, both had an engagement on Sachin’s 21st birthday. And a year later on 24 May 1995, Sachin-Anjali got married.


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