“The finishing ability near the ring is very high.”

Shiga Lake Stars announced the acquisition of Angus Brandt.

The brand is from Australia, 208cm, 110kg center. When he started his career in Sydney Kings, Australia, he won the newcomer of the year. Since then, he has won two Australian league titles.

In addition, he was elected to the Australian national team and in 2017 he has also won the FIBA ​​Asian Cup. He played in seven games in the 2019 World Cup Asian qualifying, averaging 7.4 points and 4.7 rebounds with an average playing time of 15.7 minutes. He played in Italy last season and has a track record in Europe.

Commander Sean Dennis has introduced the brand in this way. “Angus has a very good finishing ability near the ring and is a big player in the paint. Great as a Big Man and his joining will bring energy to the team. Like him. The recruitment of players with a high basketball IQ will be great for the team, and it will also be a great strength for the team in terms of leadership and player cleverness.

Brandt has made the following comments through the club: “I am very excited to be able to play with passionate boosters. This season will be a different season than before, so let’s fight together for good results! “

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