The Rockets are now leading the game with two wins in the Playoffs First Round of the 4th and 5th Thunder in the West Conference.

In the second leg, Thunder led 78-77 in the final quarter, but Thunder lost momentum when the Rockets were struck with a 14-0 run in the three minutes that started.

Chris Paul recalled, “I have more work to do,” after the second round of defeat at 98-111. “That run in the fourth quarter is impossible. We still fought hard today and set and challenged ourselves to win this match. Even then we lost. I need to get better, but easy Not that.”

After that, when asked by the reporter, “Where should I improve?” Paul answered, “There are many,” but without saying specifically, “I will go back and watch the video, but I already know it.” I just commented.

Playoffs in an environment different from the usual one called “Bubble” may be difficult even for seasoned poles to get used to. Paul says. “In a normal world without coronas and no bubbles, we’re back home after two games. But it’s not here. In a bubble, we value each game one more, learn each game I have to get out of this hell.”

Thunder allowed the Rockets to lead with 2-0, but it can’t be over. First of all, pay attention to the battle of the third round whether you can regain one victory.

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